Other Cable Tie Mounting Devices

A wide variety of other mounts used with Cable ties to speed and simplify the mounting of wire and cable bunches.

Standard Colour : Natural or Black


Part No.
Mounting Method Size

For Max.Cable
Tie Width (mm)

TC1 (S)

5 mm Screw

28x28 mm 5.5 100 Nos
TC2 (S)

4 mm Screw

19x19 mm 5.5 100 Nos
TC1 (A) Adhesive Foam Tape 28x28 mm 5.5 100 Nos
TC2 (A) Adhesive Foam Tape 19x19 mm 4.0 100 Nos
TC12 (A) Adhesive Foam Tape 12.5x12.5 mm 2.5 100 Nos
TC3 (S)

3 mm Screw

13x12 mm 8.5 100 Nos
TC4 (P)

6 mm Screw

22.5x16 mm 8.5 100 Nos
TC7 (S)

Push Mount in 6.4 mm Hole Dia

20x9.5 mm 8.1 100 Nos


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