For Installation of Cables, Conduits and Pipes

Wherever Cables are supported by trays and racks or conduits or pipes and tubes are installed in air or underground, special attention must be given to the mechanical method of securing them. Therefore, the selection of methods of securing them calls for strict criteria. One of the basic properties required for such selection is tensile strength. It must be more than adequate to perform without change throughout the life of electrical system. It's strength must not diminish with age.


A second criterion of selection is the method of fixing the strap. It should secure permanently, should adjust to close snag enough to hold the cable, conduit, pipe to tube tightly yet not compress the surface of the object.

Caledian Wire Reinforced Strap specializes in support systems for installing cable and wiring to perforated trays and all piped or tubed services in commercial and industrial location.The 4-wire heavy duty and 2-wire medium duty Caledian Straps are supplied in 50 meters roll in black colour. They provide an instant and permanent method of fixing and supporting cables, piping and building and construction brackets, and have countless other applications in many industries.

Strong, resistance to heat and seawater corrosion.

Easily cut to length and formed to the required shape by hand. The fixing holes are punched out using a simple tool and are standard size for metal storage racking, cable trays and perforated metal structures.

High corrosion resistance is a feature of Caledian Strap design, ideally suiting them for exposed services on offshore oil platforms, chemical processing plants, power station etc.



Product Reference Width (Max) Thickness (Max) Standard Pack
CS-1 2 Wire 7 mm Light Duty 1.5 mm 100 Metres
CS-2 2 Wire 13 mm Medium Duty 3.5 mm 50 Metres
CS-4 4 Wire 20 mm Heavy Duty 3.5 mm 50 Metres


CSB - 1 Buckle
CSN - 2 Nuts/Bolts
CSP - 3 Punch Tool
CST - 4 Cutting Tool



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