Unique design locks identification on permanently with a non-slip grip even in hostile environment

A versatile range of Markers made from quality, flexible Hylon enabling easy fittings without the aid of tools. This type markers are available for cables having diameters of 2.25 to 35 mm. It's shaped end cut ensures simple, positive and accurate alignment of legends. 0 to 9 in IRCC available on request. They can stand in the face of high temperatures, solvents and abrasions.

Hygrip Interlocking Cable Markers have a unique construction that holds it "Rubber band" tight on wires. The formed gusset in the marker as illustrated, provides flexibility for easy fitting without distortion or stretching of the plastic material and enables a range of cable sizes to be used with any single cable marker. Same markers can be used for either left or right hand entry.


These markers are developed using our 25 years of experience in Cable Management with the advantages.

  • One particular size accommodates cable of various sizes, thus reducing inventory of stocking various sizes and eliminating the problem of marker found too tight or too loose.

  • Assembled legends remain in line and the shaped end cut ensures accurate alignments of legends.

  • Temperature range : -25O C to +90O C

Part No
Cable Overall
diameter mm
Cable dia (mm2)
HG 05 2.20 to 3.20 0.05,0.07,1.0.
HG 10 2.50 to 4.00 1.0,1.5
HG 15 3.00 to 4.20 1.5 to 6.5
HG 16 4.00 to 5.60 4.0 to 6.0
HG 17 5.50 to 8.50 6,10,16
HG 19 8.00 to 12.00 25,35
HG 28 14.00 to 20.00 70,95,120

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