About Cord Organix :

Cord Organix makes everything much more organised. It reduces cable clutter and increases accessibility and helps to prevent the user from disconnecting/unplugging accidentally. Cord Organix is designed with our 40 years experience in cable management field and consists of six carefully designed components.

It  is not only easiest to use but also most complete. Installation requires no tool and ANYONE can easily organize the messy cables and cords. In the fast changing technological era, a reusable product makes real sense.

  • The Self Adhesive Cable Hanger Clip helps to bunch, hold, guide and route cable (s) and can be easily attached to any wooden, metal, glass, plastic surface. The cords/ cables can be inserted any number of time.


  • The Adjustable Clamp is used to secure cable (s) to any surface. The back of cable clamp has pressure sensitive adhesive strip that will stick cables and at anytime the cable run needs to be modified, the adjustable clamp belt is simply released and resecured.


  • The Management Strap is used for binding bundle of cables or to dress excess cable after installation. It can be used to simply keep cable storage neat and orderly.


  • Entangled cables are hard to identify and we often pullout the wrong cable. Cord Identifiers makes it easy for you to identify each wire with its corresponding jack so you can easily plug cables back in. Properly identified cord enables anybody to reconnect the most complicated equipment and avoid damage/ accident.


  • The Spacer Clips hold two cords together keeping safe distance to minimise transit interference.


  • The Beaded Wrap is utilised for bunching and bundling of  wires and cables.



CORD ORGANIX comes with easy to understand user's guide packed in an attractive CD holder box to be utilised for safe storage of CD-roms, audio or video Cds.


Cord Organix Products :

Applications All -In -One Cable Organizer

In The computer generation, the hottest trend changes almost daily. Forward planning is the key to successful cable management. If you wait for the mess to appear before you act, you can easily spend an entire night plugging and unplugging equipment in a futile attempt to organize your cables.


A well organised workdesk makes you look more professional
With the price of computer technology constantly dropping, It's easy to pack an office full of hardware, often resulting in a tangled mess of wires and cables. using CORD ORGANIX improves the appearance of the back of a Computer and keeps the cables neat, safe and untangled plus provides flexibility of expansion and reconfiguration.

Televisions & Music Systems

Aesthestically pleasing living room, prevents accidental unplugging
Cord Organix cleans up cable clutter around your Television, Music system, VCD, VCD / DVD Player, Speakers, Internet Top Box as well as video game sets and reduces the risk of accidents caused by tripping on loose wire. Included Cord Identifiers makes it easy for to code each wire with its corresponding jack so you can easily plug cables back in.

Telecom / office Equipment

Makes your work more easier, increases efficiency, simplifies maintenance
Electrical, telephone and computer cable management has become increasingly more important in today's office environment. The more phones, faxes, computers and office automation equipments (Photocopier, Paper Schredder, electronic Franking Machine, EPABX  system, LAN) we squeeze into our offices, the more cables, cord and  power strips make work space look like web of snakes. Cord Organix organises and routes cable / cords neatly and quickly, it also helps to prevent accidents / damages.

Home / kitchen Appliances

Makes your daily life easier and reducing the risk of accidents
With so many electrical appliances in the kitchen, Cord Organix helps you in keeping stress free cords and wires, where a few appliances are kept on the same table -top  like Microwave Oven, Electric Burner, Mixie, Juicer, Toaster, Rice Cooker, Coffee Maker, Dish Washer etc. You can even organize cables of your Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Air cooler, Water Purifier, Table lamp, Telephone wires, Cable TV wire usually found lying on the floor.

In addition to the above, Cord Organix is equally useful to reduce cable clutters in Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Cable TV Operators Control Room, Call Centres, Computer Education Centres, Mobile Telephony Hubs, DTP Centres, PCO Centres, Professional Photo Studios, Sound & Recording Studios, Discotheques, Factories Quality Control Division, etc. The application are endless....



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