Spirowrap Harness Band is a versatile methord of binding and projecting Cables, Wires, tubing and hoses. It permits Flexible routing of cable harness while forming a neat bundle and unobstructive appearance. It is easily and quickly wound around the cable harness and unlike most projection sleeves, can be applied 'in-situ'. When Spirowrap Harness Band is installed, it may be gapped for greater economy and flexibility or it may be butted tightly for maximum abrasion resistance, insulation protection and greater rigidity. It allows single/multiple wires breakouts between loops of Spirowrap and rerouting or replacement wires and is flexible enough to bend around corners. Expand spiral range almost without limit and is non-conductive, non-corrosive, non-magnetic & good chemical resistant.


Materials : Polyethelene in natural color. Ultra violet black color available on request. Available in standard rolls of 30 meters. Other desired lengths against specific request subject to bulk orders.

Temperature range : -55oC to +85oC Free assembly tool included wiyh every roll of 30 meters.

Part No

Suggested Bundle
Diameter Range
inch mm
SW-3 1/8 3.2 0.8 4.8 1.6 to 13
SW-6 1/4 6.4 1.0 9.5 4.8 to 51
SW-9 3/8 9.5 1.3 11.1 7.9 to 76
SW-12 1/2 12.7 1.5 12.7 9.5 to 101
SW-16 5/8 15.9 1.6 15.9 12.7 to 114
SW-19 3/4 19.0 1.7 19.0 5 to 127
SW-25 1 25.4 2.4 25.4 20.6 to 178

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