Novoflex Ovalgrip Cable Markers are suitable for use on both round core and flat twin wires and cables. These are oval in shape and are fitted by pressing into a circular shape then sliding over the cable or terminal and releasing. The marker reverts to its oval shape and grips tightly on the cable. Due to a wide range of applications possible with each size, it reduces marker inventory requirements. These marker have excellent di-electric and tensile strength plus resistance to moisture, acids, alkalis, gasoline, oil, alcohol, most of the solvents and ozone. These markers can withstand temperature extremes of -25oC to +95oC

Part No
Cable Diameter (mm) Standard Colour & Marking
Min Max
OG 12 0.6 0.9

Yellow body marked with black A to Z, 0 to 9,+,-,/ and Blank. 0 to 9 in IRCC available on request. Minimum ordering quantity per marking 100 Nos.

OG 15 0.9 1.1
OG 30 1.2 2.1
OG 40 1.5 2.6
OG 50 2.0 3.7
OG 60 2.5 4.1
OG 85 3.3 6.0

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