For underground and overhead cables and pipe installations

Novoflex Evermark Identification System is permanent identification marking system for underground, buried and overhead cables, conduits and pipes installations. This system consists of individual small Sign Plates, a flat transparent protective Sign Holder and nylon fixing cable ties. The handling is easy and quick. Any word, number, symbol or code combinations can be made at the site in minutes.


The Sign Plates and the Sign Holder both being flexible, the article that is to be marked can have any form or shape. It can be fitted in multiple ways. Application is really simple - just insert the sign plates into the sign holder. The holder can be cut off to size, hole-punched at any length with help of a punch tool and fixed with the nylon cable tie or bolts. The Evermark System offers numerous possibilities of fully protected clear marking. If the sign holder is to be fixed at only one side, the other side is closed with a botton.

The old crude method of identification by punched aluminium tags tied with wires is not at all a permanent marking system as it has been observed that within a very short time period, the aluminium tags get damaged and corroded by the soil / atmospheric effect and the very purpose of using the identification marks is totally defeated.

This Evermark Identification System is fully guaranteed for the life long permanence of the legend marking and is the only ideal way of marking underground buried cables and pipe installations. This is an equally ideal system of identification of indoor / outdoor overhead cable and pipe installation in Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, and Refineries, Fire Safety Equipments, Power Projects, Railways Mines, Irrigation, Factories, Building Constructions , Food Processing Plants, Hospitals, Airports, Docks etc.

This Identification System is available for practically any diameter of cables, pipes or tubes. Identification can be made at the end of the cables, pipes, or tubes as well as any intermittent positions. Sign Plates are available marked with numerals 0 to 9, alphabets A to Z, symbols + - / and blank. The standard colour of Sign Plates is yellow body with black markings. The sign holder is supplied in 250 mm length as standard which can be cut to required length. These markers have excellent dielectric strength plus resistance to moisture, acids, alkalis, petrol, oil, alcohols, most solvents, ozone, abrasion, soil etc.

Description Novoflex
Part No
Standard Pack
Sign Plates ESP 1 Yellow body with
Black Marking 0 to 9 , A to Z
100 Nos
Sign Holder ESH 2 Transparent Protective
Holder in 250 mm lengths
100 Nos
Cable Ties . Suitable for Max Cable
Pipe or bundle dia
. CPS-100 22mm 100 mm 100 nos
. CPS-150 35mm 150 mm 100 nos
. CPS-200 51mm 200 mm 100 nos
. CPS-280 77mm 280 mm 100 nos
. CPS-300 83mm 300 mm 100 nos
. CPS-360 106mm 360 mm 100 nos
Botton ESB 3 Black or Yellow color . 100 nos
Punch Tool CPS-3 . . ONE

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