• Since it is established that the usual lacing ropes can not be used for cabling in electrical instruments, electrotechnical controls, telephone equipments because the twisted rope engraves on the soft PVC insulation of the cable, it is imperative to make the use of Novoflex Lacing Cord.

  • Made of soft and elastic PVC and when stretched for tying, it grips the cable bundle firmly, which neither engrave the cable surface nor carves the operator's hands.

  • Resulting tie looks very neat and the knots are fine.

  • Virtually unaffected by moisture, mild dew or fungus.

  • Tempertature withstand upto 70C

  • Material - PVC


Monofilament Lacing Cord

Novoflex Part No. Overall
Colour Standard
MLC 10 1.0 Grey 100 M
MLC 15 1.5 Grey 100 M

Flexiform Lacing Cord

Novoflex Part No. Diameter Colour Standard
FLC 5 0.50 1.30 Black 100 M
FLC 10 1.00 1.70 Black 100 M

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