Simplified holding device for fixing and holding Capacitor without aid of any tool, bolt and nut

Novoflex Snapper Capacitor Holder is an unique, one piece construction, foolproof, safest and simplified holding device for fixing and holding of Aluminium Can type Electrolytic Capacitors which can be fitted quickly and easily. Application is really simple - just position it on the capacitor and press the jaws together. For maximum tightness a plier can be used to give the extra firmness and vibration resistance. By applying lateral pressure, the Snapper Capacitator Holder can be easily released and reused again and again. This is of considerable advantage during both assembly and servicing operations.

This invention particularly relates to improve one piece Snapper Capacitor Holder which not only facilitates simplified mounting of aluminium can type electrolytic capacitor in comparison to conventional sheet metal from piece clip mounting device, but also considerably cheaper in cost, labour saving, time saving plus providing proper protection to the electrolytic capacitor from damage of PVC sleeve covering and aluminium can of the capacitors.

The holder is made from high engineering thermoplastic polyamide displaying high strength, toughness, flexibility, excellent abrasion resistance and good electrical insulation, non-conductive, non-corrosive, non-magnetic and self extinguishing with excellent resistance to dilute mineral acids, common solvents, alkalis, organic acids, petroleum oil and greases.


  • Screws mounts to chassis

  • Strong one piece construction

  • Non-conductive, non-magnetic

  • Simple twist to release lock

  • Reusable, quick to fit, corrosion free

  • Adjustable holding diameter : min, 35 mm with 3 teeth engaged, max 36.5 mm

  • Material - Polyamide.

Part No.
Inside Diameter Standard
3 Teeth Engaged
Fully Engaged
SCH - 1 36.5mm 35 mm 100 Nos

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